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Solid Vinyl PVC trimboard with a sealed edge technology, which is rot, moisture, and insect resistant material, and capped with copper providing a maintenance free product.


  • Standard Weathervane Mount
  • Cupolas accomodate up to a 10/12 roof pitch

    The Estate Series cupolas are very attractively designed and constructed. With arched louvers or windows, these cupolas are crafted using cellular pvc-vinyl or western red cedar and then capped with a copper roof, providing a crowning glory atop any roofline.

    Extension Base:
    This cupola fits up to a 10/12 pitch roof. An extension base is required to fit a roof greater than a 10/12 pitch. For a 12/12 pitch, one extension base is required. For a 14/12 pitch, two extension bases are required. Please call for pricing.

    All cupolas are weathervane ready. When installing a weathervane, an 11" extension rod is required.

    Cupola Sizing

    Selecting the correct size cupola

    To determine a proper size cupola for your roof, for every foot of your building roof line use 1.25 inch of cupola. Example: For a roof section that is 24 feet, the proper size cupola would be 30 inches. For buildings longer than 48 feet you should consider using multiple cupolas.

    Cupola Sizing


    • Our cupolas sizes are determined by base width.
    • Extended cupola bases can be added for steeper pitch roofs.
    • Our cupolas are manufactured in 2-3 sections for ease of handling and installation.
    • Our louvered cupolas provide ventilation when needed.
    • Our windowed cupolas can be used for lighting and are removable on most models.
    • 60 inch & 72 inch cupolas are constructed with a double louver or window panel per side.
    • Custom cupola sizes and styles available upon request.
    Cupola Sizing Diagrams
    24' Roof (Garage)
    36' Roof
    60' Roof
    120' Roof
    Viewing these diagrams requires
    Adobe Acrobat Reader (free).

    Click to download Adobe Reader.
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    Base Size
    Dalton/Bethany Kingston/Salisbury Pinnacle/Villa
    24" 48" 47" 47"
    30" 60" 59" 57"
    36" 69" 68" 67"
    42" 80" 79" 77"
    48" 91" 90" 88"
    60" 113" 109" 107"
    72" 133" 129" 126"


    Choose from the following options:
    • Copper & Colored Louvers: Copper, Red, Green, Blue, Black, Brown, and Copperstone
    • Stained Glass: Red, Green, and Blue
    • Apply Staybrite to Copper
    • Apply Patina to Copper
    • Base & Crown Moulding
    • Lantern Kit
    • Screened Louvers
    • Base Extension
    • Base Cutout
    Glass Options Add stained glass to any windowed cupola or select a stained glass weathervane to add that distinctive flair.
    Add accented louvers in copper or solid color to set your cupola apart. Glass Options

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